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At, we are committed to protecting your privacy. The information we collect about you is necessary to process orders and provide more personalized shopping experience. We use the information to better judge what products we need to offer in order to better serve our loyal customers. The information we collect also may be used by us in order to keep our customers informed with announcements, special offers, new products or newsletters. does not sell your personal information to companies or various mailing lists. We may choose to do so in the future to companies that meet our high standards. If do not wish to have your information given out please email us at Third-Party Web Beacons: We use third-party web beacons from Yahoo! to help analyze where visitors go and what they do while visiting our website. Yahoo! may also use anonymous information about your visits to this and other websites in order to improve its products and services.

Information We Collect

Information you provide to us

We collect the personal information you provide to us when you shop online or visit our website. The categories of information we may collect include:

  • Personal Identifiers, including name, email address, postal address, and telephone number
  • Commercial and Financial Information, including purchases and credit card or debit card number
  • Inferences, including inferences from other data

To the extent we process de-identified personal information, we will make no attempt to re-identify such data.

Information collected automatically

We automatically collect internet or other electronic information about you when you visit our website, such as IP address, browsing history and interactions with our website. This data may be collected using browser cookies and other unique personal identifiers.

Browser Cookies. We use cookies to create a better experience for you on our site. For example, cookies prevent you from having to login repeatedly, and they help us remember items you''ve added to your cart. We also use third-party cookies, which are cookies placed by third parties for advertising and analytics purposes. You can control these cookies through your browser settings.

Opt-Out Preference Signals. Your browser settings may allow you to automatically transmit the Global Privacy Control (GPC) signal to online services you visit. When we detect such signal, we place a U.S. Privacy String setting in your browser so that any third party who respects that signal will not track your activity on our website. GPC is supported by certain internet browsers or as a browser extension. You can find out how to enable GPC here.

Information from other sources

We may collect personal information about you from third-party sources, including Retail Partners and Commerce Software Tools.

How long we keep your data

We do not retain data for any longer than is necessary for the purposes described in this Policy.

We generally retain data according to the guidelines below.

How we Share and Disclose Information

Information Disclosed for Business or Commercial Purposes in the Last 12 Months, and Categories of Parties Disclosed To

We may disclose the following personal information about you when you shop online or visit our website:

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. They are used to store information about you, your
preferences, and your browsing activity.

We use cookies on our website to enhance your user experience and provide
you with a more personalized service. We use cookies to:

  • Remember your login information so you don't have to enter it every time you visit our website
  • Keep track of items in your shopping cart
  • Personalize your browsing experience by recommending products and services that are likely to be of interest to you
  • Collect analytics data to help us improve our website and services

We use the following types of cookies on our website:

  • Essential cookies: These cookies are necessary for the basic operation of our website. For example, they allow you to add items to your shopping
    cart and checkout.
  • Functional cookies: These cookies allow us to provide you with a more personalized browsing experience. For example, they remember your
    language preferences and browsing history.
  • Performance cookies: These cookies collect data about how you use our website. This data helps us to improve the performance and usability of
    our website.
  • Advertising cookies: These cookies are used to show you relevant advertisements on our website and other websites. You can choose to disable cookies in your browser settings. However, disabling cookies may prevent you from using some of the features on our website.
    If you have any questions about our Cookies Policy, please contact us at

Standard Shopify cookies for UX enhancement

Shopify uses a number of cookies to enhance the user experience on Shopify stores.

These cookies are used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Keeping track of items in a customer's shopping cart
  • Remembering a customer's login information
  • Personalizing the customer's browsing experience
  • Collecting analytics data to help Shopify improve its platform

Shopify's cookies are generally considered to be safe and non-intrusive. However, customers can choose to disable cookies in their browser settings if
they wish.

California Privacy Notice (CCPA)

California Privacy Notice (CCPA)

This section provides additional information for California residents under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). The terms used in this section have the same meaning as in the CCPA. This section does not apply to information that is not considered "personal information," such as anonymous, de-identified, or aggregated information, nor does it apply to publicly available information as defined in the CCPA.

Collection and Disclosure of Personal Information

The personal information we collect is described above in Information we collect. The personal information we disclose for business or commercial purposes is described above in How we share and disclose information. The length of time for which we retain personal information is described above in How long we keep your data.

Business and Commercial Purposes for Collection

We collect personal information for the following business purposes:

  • Creating Customer Profiles
  • Delivering Targeted Ads
  • Fulfilling Customer Orders
  • Improving our Products & Services
  • Internal Business Operations
  • Meeting Compliance & Legal Requirements
  • Operating our Website or Mobile Apps
  • Organizing & Managing Data
  • Preventing Fraud
  • Processing Payments
  • Providing Customer Support
  • Sending Promotional Communications
  • Tracking Purchases & Customer Data

We also "share" and "sell" (as defined in the CCPA) personal information for commercial purposes, including to advertise and market our products.

Information “Sharing” and “Selling”

We “share” certain personal information with third party ad networks for purposes of behavioral advertising, including: Commercial and Financial Information, Internet Activity, and Online Identifiers. This allows us to show you ads that are more relevant to you.

We use third party data analytics providers and this may be considered a “sale” of information under the CCPA.

You may opt-out of these data practices here.

CCPA Rights

Your CCPA rights are described below. You can make a Request to Know or a Request to Delete under the CCPA by submitting a Privacy Request at the top of this page, or by clicking here.

Right to Know

You have the right to request to know the following about the personal information we have collected about you in the past 12 months:

  • the categories and specific pieces of personal information we have collected about you
  • the categories of sources from which we collect personal information about you
  • the business and commercial purposes for which we collect personal information
  • the categories of third parties with whom we share the information
  • the categories of personal information about you that we disclosed for a business purpose, and the categories of third parties to whom we disclosed that information for a business purpose

The information we would provide to you in response to a Request to Know Categories is contained in this Privacy Notice. To access the specific personal information we have about you, submit a Request to Know via the link above. If you make a Request to Know more than twice in a 12-month period, we may require you to pay a small fee for this service.

Right to Delete

You have the right to request that we delete any personal information about you that you have provided to us. We will permanently delete from our records any personal information that is not necessary for our business operations and direct our service providers to do the same.

We consider information to be necessary for our business operations if it is used to:

  • Complete an obligation to you that you have requested
  • Detect and resolve issues related to security or functionality
  • Comply with legal obligations
  • Enable solely internal uses

Right to Non-Discrimination

If you exercise your CCPA consumer rights:

  • We will not deny goods or services to you
  • We will not charge you different prices or rates for goods or services, including through the use of discounts or other benefits or penalties
  • We will not provide a different level or quality of goods or services to you

Right to Opt-Out

You have the right to opt-out of any selling and sharing of your personal information.

You may exercise your right to opt-out here.

Request Verification

Before we can respond to a Request to Know or Request to Delete, we will need to verify that you are the consumer who is the subject of the CCPA request. Verification is important for preventing fraudulent requests and identity theft. Requests to Opt-Out do not require verification.

Typically, identity verification will require you to confirm certain information about yourself based on information we have already collected. For example, we will ask you to verify that you have access to the email address we have on file for you. If we cannot verify your identity based on our records, we cannot fulfill your CCPA request.

For a request that seeks specific personal information, we ask that you sign a declaration stating that you are the consumer whose personal information is the subject of the request, as required by the CCPA.

In some cases, we may have no reasonable method by which we can verify a consumer's identity. For example:

  • If a consumer submits a request but we have not collected any personal information about that consumer, we cannot verify the request.
  • If the only data we have collected about a consumer is gathered through website cookies (i.e. the consumer visited our website but had no other interaction with us), we are unable to reasonably associate a requester with any data collected; therefore, we cannot verify the request.

Authorized Agent

A California resident's authorized agent may submit a Request to Know or a Request to Delete under the CCPA by emailing us at Requests submitted by an authorized agent will still require verification of the person who is the subject of the request in accordance with the process described above. We will also ask for proof that the person who is the subject of the request authorized an agent to submit a privacy request on their behalf. An authorized agent that has power of attorney pursuant to California Probate Code section 4121 to 4130 must submit proof of statutory power of attorney, but consumer verification is not required.

If you have trouble accessing this notice, please contact us at

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